Hitting the Jackpot in CS:GO

csgo jackpot


Jackpot games in real life are popular already, which is why it’s crystal clear why online CSGO versions of the game are also sought-after.

csgo jackpot

What is CS:GO Jackpot?

In fewer words, this is a game where a player deposits skins, and once a pre-defined threshold is reached, one depositor will be selected, and the odds will rely on the value of the player’s deposited skin. Then the chosen depositor will acquire all the deposited skins in the pool.

Here’s a detailed explanation: A player will put his skins into the pot, and for every $.01 that his deposited skin is worth, he’s going to get a raffle ticket.

Remember the pre-defined threshold earlier? It works this way: It’s either the pot will reach a particular number of skins or the timer will run out. In a short while, an animation will then play, and a winner will be selected from some percentile of the pot using provably fair (these algorithms are used to operate online casinos), and then the player is sent a trade offer for 95% of the deposited skins. Depending on the site, it might take a house cut of 5%. It might be more than 5%, and it could be less too.

csgo jackpot

Let’s have an example.

Let’s say the pot is worth $1,000 after everyone deposits their skins. A person puts in $100 of skins, then another depositor $300, and the last person $600. The lucky victor will be chosen at the 37.87538217th percentile. Since the person who put in $300 had everything from 10 percent to 40 percent, he’ll take $950 worth of skins. Honestly, that’s a little confusing, but if you want to learn more about how winners are selected, check out the site’s personal explanation of provably fair.

CSGO Jackpot: A Game of Luck


As a form of gambling, it’s obviously based entirely on luck. This type of gambling is the reason why some CSGO community celebrities accumulate their $50,000 inventories. CSGO Jackpots are all about random numbers, a random number generator, and really, just luck. No one knows the results—it’s both scary and fun at the same time.


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