Learn the 7 Cs of Effective Communication

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Our goal is to become better communicator through writing. Learning the 7 Cs will help you stay out of trouble. It teaches us how to communicate not only in writing but also in speaking. It can be applied in your relationships to make help other people understand you more.


It means you have to be careful whenever you are writing or speaking to other people. You’ll have to consider their feelings. After all, we are all emotional beings. Courtesy in writing, specially if you are covering a sensitive issue, you’ll have to be careful not to humiliate anyone. Courtesy is also helpful in creating a trustworthy reputation. Reputation is everything as a writer. People will open up and will be comfortable with you.


Consideration measures your effectiveness as a writer. By successfully describe how if feel like to be in your interviews position, you give viewers a more in depth understanding about the issue. Emotional IQ comes into play here. Every time you do interview, be human, understand the contexts and the person’s feelings.


Part of being a writer is to be as detailed as possible. Make sure that your work will answer most of the questions people might have. Get as much information you could get.


Don’t fill your article with vagueness, your readers will hate you for that. Choose words that are easy to understand rather than filling it up with flowery words that delivers the same meaning. Balancing the art of writing and concreteness should be always observed.


We consider this to be the most important of 7 Cs in communication. It asks you to be correct in your grammar and spellings. As well as with the facts you state in your writing. Small mistakes will discourage readers from reading your work further. So before publishing your work, make sure you have it check numerous of times. Also, consult experts and let them proofread your work.


Clarity is important for business letters and news because your goal is to make sure that your readers will understand your work. Whenever you write an article in formal settings, clarity should always be keep in mind. There should be no need of decoding the message you are trying to send. Your article must be easy to read and understand unless you are writing a poem.


We are guilty of breaking this rule in 7 C but at least we’re working on it. Conciseness is for your readers to save time and get the message right away. Avoid being too wordy in writing because it annoys most people. Use simpler words that delivers the same meaning.