Ready To Be A Beat Writer?

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Becoming a beat writer is a dream for many of us. There is a high competition for this job yet the perks can be rewarding. Just the free tickets alone is a huge perk that tempts us to dream on. We researched the comments, bios, and views of beat writers themselves and here’s what we found out.

Homesickness should never be your thing

Prepare yourself to travel a lot. We mean a lot. We’re talking about 150 nights of sleeping in hotels for the whole year. You should be adapted to constant change or else you’ll never survive this job. According to the writers, they usually get insomnia for sleeping in different beds and settings plus the added pressure of what should be on your report.

Learn to love the social media so it will love you back

Social media is powerful tool to get your name be recognized. If you cover a team, you should also manage their social media accounts making sure that they are always up to date. Social media such as twitter, facebook, and pinterest attracts fans and supporters which is the main goal. It’s okay if you hate social media now but once you are on the field you got to learn to love it.

Prepare for some drama

Drama is everywhere even in sports. Your job is to capture every details of it and prepare to elaborate. More details, more fun. Also, drama in sports doesn’t end, there will be fans who will disagree with what you wrote and might file complaints against you, another drama. When you get home, get ready again because you’ve been gone for quite sometime, depending on your partner but based on our experience, expect drama.