Reciprocating and Communicating


Did you know that the 7 Cs of effective communication can also be related to the overall top scoring reciprocating saw? Those Cs have their counterpart in the world of sawing. Read on to know more.


Courtesy is about being polite, kind, and showing respect. Well, reciprocating saws are polite and kind to their users by being portable and compact. They know their users aim for something that can be easily handled, so that’s why they have the portability feature. Reciprocating saws that are cordless run on battery, which means you don’t need electricity to run them, and you can say bye-bye to lengthy, annoying extension cords too.



The correctness in reciprocating saws is the availability of variable speeds and variable orbital action. These characteristics make it easy for you to complete a project with the precise and correct cutting speed. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, the saw can change its speed so you can correctly cut the material.


Communication messages should be as concise as they could—no unnecessary words or sentences. Reciprocating saws can also offer the shortness that communication messages have. How? By offering improved stroke depth, particularly, short strokes. Of course, they can also offer long ones which are needed for faster and more aggressive cuts. But sometimes you need to do plunge cuts, and those require short strokes which can measure ¾ of an inch.


Just like a communication message should be complete, a reciprocating saw is also one complete saw. That’s because of the versatility it offers. It can cut almost any material either vertically or horizontally. This saw is capable of cutting anything you’re working on. Looking for a powerful saw? Get yourself a reciprocating saw; it’s the complete package.


reading-articleWhen it comes clarity, reciprocating saws are also clear about their convenience. These saws can cut through a variety of construction metals like bricks, cardboard, wood, and drywall. This means you don’t have to purchase any other saw to cut another type of material. You can finish a task in a few hours thanks to its ease of use. It’s just like a clear and well-communicated article—you won’t have to look for any other article to explain a topic if what you’ve read already offered the most lucid points you needed to know. That’s convenience.


When you write an article or a letter, you consider the receiver’s beliefs, values, age, attitudes, social status, or gender, right? In this aspect, quality reciprocating saws think about their users too, by being safe. Though reciprocating saws are motorized, they are safe to operate because the blade is protected and the wires plus handle are insulated. You won’t get a lot of blisters when using this saw because the handle is covered with rubber. It’s easy to maintain and safe to use. Plus, cordless ones are safer to use because there wouldn’t be any cords dangling around.


DEWALT-DWE304A reliable communication message is one that is concrete; one that is specific. A reciprocating saw can also perform specific jobs, making it reliable. It can cut tree branches if you want it to. It can even make indentions on your wall when remodeling a unit, fit a window, cut through pins or nails, or change PVC piping while plumbing. So you see, even if it’s a versatile saw, it can still perform specific jobs for you.