The Writers

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So you want to be an NFL beat writer? Sounds a good plan. Inspire yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Meet these NFL writers and read on what they have to say what it feels like to write for NFL.

John Keim

Redskins has been attached to his name. If you heard John Keim, first thing that comes to mind is the team he writes for. He’s been covering the team since 1994. Believe it or not, Keim is a sporty guy whose dreams is to become player one day. But he decided not to for some unknown reasons. He love sports and he wanted to be part of it even if he is not a player. He decided to be a writer. His inspiration for writing was his journalism teacher who molded him to become a good writer.

Jane McManus

Meet Jane, a woman in the field of writing. She’s been a writer for the biggest name in sports like New York Sports. Her career as writer started with New York Jets. Her opinions were valued and covered sensitive cases like Lawrence Taylor’s statutory rape. She became a successful writer for ESPN New York and continue share her knowledge in writing as we speak. We are amazed on how she manages her time with the high demands of her chosen career.

Armando Salguero

Armando Salguero covers Miami Herald. He does the writing for the team, he works as an analyst, commenter, blogger, and deals with complaints. He love his job but it can be frustrating at times, he admit. He loves sports and working in as a sport writer, it is a dream come true.